Defeating Laziness

Last night I stayed up until about 5:30 working on an essay. It was spur of the moment but I’m glad that I finally got motivated enough to write this essay I’ve been procrastinating for over a year to write. Why last night? Well you see, I had three days off this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and I had plans to actively do some ACN work. I’ve been so busy lately that I fell off the ACN train tracks and my mind has wandered off on a different brain wave. You see, I was not living and breathing ACN like I was the first ten days I started. Heck, after the first 2 days alone I had shown 10 people the business with a good number of them actually interested in it. I got busy and distracted with moving into a new home and so much travelling, roughly 13-14 hours in one week visiting our parents and going to ACN meetings out-of-town, all in addition to my regular work week. It makes sense that after the week we just needed a break from ACN for a bit. The issue is, we took too long of a break or were too drained from all the travelling and moving that it resulted in Steve quitting and myself stuck at a red light.

With the one month sign up bonuses on my mind and roughly two weeks left of it, I wanted to get back into ACN and get my thirty points in services and two QTT members on my team. The issue is, I had planned to spend the three days doing ACN but I hadn’t actually plan the days at all. What I needed was a solid game plan. Without a game plan, I kept pushing aside my plans of getting customer points. You see, I had to go grocery shopping and buy a new shoe rack and cook dinner and see a friend and when I saw the friend I wanted to present the business to, there wasn’t a good time to show her and ACN basically got pushed to the side. Luckily I received a phone call the day that i went back to my old house from one of the people in my up-line (an IBO who recruited my sponsor who recruited me or the person who recruited them and someone further down the chain). I was thinking of chickening out with showing him the business and after that phone call I actually committed to showing him. I’m glad I did too because his response was very positive and I think he could be a really reliable customer.

So without a game plan and with the lack of motivation (probably a result of missing meetings the last two weeks), I ended up getting no where the last three days. I didn’t recruit a single person, nor did I hook any up with any of my services. This leads me back to my original question of what was so special about last night and why I spent the wee hours of the night writing an essay. Well when it hit 2 a.m. on the clocks last night, after I watched two episodes of Dexter (season seven, episodes seven and eight), I started feeling really, really sad. I was feeling so low, I was starting to tear (probably has a lot to do with my hormones going all whack from… well, being a girl and it being that time of month). I felt slightly depressed because I felt like a failure for not being able to achieve anything on my days off. I felt lazy and let down with myself and oh, do I ever hate dislike the feeling of disappointment. So when I crawled into bed, I was feeling so disappointed with myself that I just had to get up and do something.

One of the things I wanted to do with my three days off was write this essay I’ve been putting off for a year. So that’s when I got up and grabbed my laptop and started writing. That writer’s block I had three months ago was finally lifted and I just started writing. It probably helped substantially that I’ve been practicing my writing skills while blogging on here. Blogging has helped me to overcome the initial barrier of starting a piece of writing. I really struggled with the first few blogs I wrote in here, but now I don’t even think twice about it, I just write. So here’s to overcoming laziness and random fears. Here’s to actually getting off your bum and tackling something that’s been a weight on your shoulders for a long time. Here’s to me defeating what was a barrier to what could be one of the major decisions I make in my life. Now it’s time to celebrate with a nice cold beer!

My advice to someone that’s feeling really down and lazy, get motivated in any way possible and just get off your butt and just do it. And if you can’t do that, then at least do something that you’ve been putting off for a while. It will make you feel great!


ACN Cancellation Update

I apologize for my late update on the response Steve received about his cancellation with ACN. He got an email from ACN on May 6, 2013, 4 days after he submitted his notice of cancellation by fax, which stated that they received his notice and that he will get refunded his money back minus $50 for the start-up package. I think the reason he was able to get a response so fast was because he faxed the letter, and didn’t play the waiting game with snail mail. My advice to you, if you truly decided to get out of the business, are within your ten days of signing up as stated in the IBO agreement, and wanted to get your money refunded, do it by fax. If you don’t have a fax, then find one.

I’ve attached the email he received for more detail.

“At ACN, we understand that situations out of our control sometimes arise, and for one reason or another, the opportunity did not suit your current needs. However, we do appreciate you taking the time to take a closer look at ACN.

Upon review of the cancellation letter we received recently, you are entitled to a refund of $507.37; which was processed today.

We will be glad to issue the remaining $50 balance upon the return of your Team Trainer Starter Kit; which is shipped out the business day following your first day with ACN. If you have any questions regarding our cancellation policy, please view our Terms and Conditions.

You may return your Team Trainer Starter Kit to the following address:

Video Plus Corporate
200 Swisher ROAD
Lake Dallas, Texas 75065

Note: The remaining balance will be refunded if the Team Trainer Starter Kit is returned within one year of your ACN start date.

If the original payment was made by credit card, your refund should appear on your next credit card statement. If payment was by check or money order, your refund check will be mailed to the address on file within the next ten business days.

If you require additional assistance, or wish to retract your cancellation request, please feel free to contact Representative Services at (514) 390-8666.”

ACN – Perseverance and Support System

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about ACN. Mainly because I’ve come to a halt with my progress. This is where I stand. I have zero points (meaning I haven’t sold a single service) and I haven’t recruited anyone yet (I recruited Steve but soon after her dropped out). My thoughts right now is that I’m not a good coach. I think I could be an amazing coach, however, because I don’t want to push people in any direction because of my own personal gain and because I ultimately want people to make their own decisions, I think at time I lack the supportive role. I am supportive when it comes to people’s decision-making, but not supportive in a sense where I let people “give up”. How much is it a coach’s job to drive people’s perseverance? When does it become too much?

I think I feel like I failed Steve for not pushing him because when I wanted to quit ACN before he got involved, he told me that the thought I should stay with it. That alone was enough to keep me going. I wanted to quit the second day I signed up. The reason? I explained (not show at a meeting or through any video, but explained over dinner) ACN to my best friend and she was definitely a brown apple. Brown apple is a term to describe people who do not like the idea of ACN, are negative about it, and in many cases are infective, by getting others to think the same negative thoughts. Red apples are those that are one hundred percent for the idea of ACN and green apples are those that need to think about it, do some research on it or get a second or third opinion about it. Well, my best friend, the best friend i had since we could talk, who’s opinion matters the most to me, did not like the idea whatsoever. She even told me that if I was planning on doing it that I should stop. Even when I asked if she’d just be a customer (not exactly asked if she’d be my customer but a customer in general) and she didn’t seem for that idea either. She was so negative with the idea that it really didn’t want me to continue with it. I told her that if she wasn’t going to be my partner, that I didn’t want to be part of it. Well that’s where Steve being supportive helped because even before he decided to do it, it had already felt like he’d be my partner in it all.

Being supportive and having a strong support system in ACN is so important. I literally showed ACN to ten people the first two days as an ACN independent business owner (IBO) and everyone was a red or green except the last person I showed, my best friend. Even though nine people loved the idea, the fact that one didn’t and her opinion mattered the most and she was so negative, it was easy to forget all the positive feedback. Every time I feel discouraged with the business and I talk to my Summer, my sponsor who introduced me to ACN and got me to join, I always feel fuelled again and ready to start being productive again. So one of the keys to being successful in this business is perseverance and having a great support system.

So where do I stand now three weeks into my business and one week left of my first month. I am still going to give it my all and hopefully I can get my first month bonus with 30 points and 2 Qualified Team Trainers (QTT) members.



Shower for Two?

As you may know, Steve and I have moved into a new place just six days ago (or three sleeps if you count our two trips to my parents’ house and Steve’s parents’ house). We are living in a rented room in a house with three others; Kevin, Mitch and Candice. Before we came to look at the place, we had never met our, now, roommates. Steve and I have lived in our previous house for two years. So we’re really set in our own ways of doing things. Now that we’re in someone else’s home, we’ve had to think twice about our habits.

One of the things we’ve had to consider was, “is showering as a couple weird?” I’ve lived with a couple before who showered together all the time and I never thought it was weird. But if you had two strangers who moved into your house and showered together would it be weird? Would you appreciate them asking you if it was okay or would that conversation just be too awkward? Steve and I are generally pretty private when it comes to our personal lives so we generally don’t talk about things like this openly to other people. One of the other roommates who moved out for the summer is visiting today with her boyfriend and they just had a shower together. I guess in this house, no conversation needed and, yes, the shower is open for two.


Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everybody! Steve and I have decided to make Sundays extra specials and write something linked each week. It will probably be mostly about relationships and life but we’re just going to go with the flow and see what happens. Since this is our first Sunday and we are really new at this blogging thing, we decided to introduce each other. Here are 25 facts about Steve! P.s. be sure to check out Steve’s blog linked below to learn about me!

  1. He is amazingly gifted with cooking skills. I especially love his butter chicken recipe
  2. His favourite foods are tacos and sushi
  3. He will try almost anything – he once ate a baby chicken fetus (it’s a Vietnamese etiquette)
  4. The first time Steve tried scuba diving was this year when we took an introductory course
  5. It is impossible for him to stand still when he’s talking on the phone. He literally paces back and forth like he on a mission or is desperately looking for something every time he gets a phone call
  6. If it wasn’t for me, his/our bed room would be so bare, it would look like he never settled in
  7. He has really wide feet so its hard for him to find shoes that fit properly and he en up having to wear shoes that are too big for him
  8. When he’s at home, he will often sing random lyrics he made up out loud, usually whatever’s on his mind
  9. He loves to doodle. If you look at his school notes, they will have random (and I means really random) sketches on the back
  10. He refuses to write on the front and back of pages in a binder because he’s right-handed and it annoys him to have to work around the rings
  11. His belly button is a gold mind for lint
  12. He isn’t a big fan of tattoos
  13. He likes to read, which is awesome because he just regurgitates things for me so I don’t have to read
  14. He is a second generation Canadian Italian
  15. He has the tendency to break out in laughter when he’s watching tv and movies. Seriously, he’s so loud that half the time I laugh when I watch shows is because it was triggered by him
  16. He has a lazy eye making it difficult for him to keep his eyes open when his photo is being taken. When he looks high in a photo, this is why
  17. One of his pet peeves is having long finger nails. He has to keep them very short or he’ll go mad
  18. He is a good dancer, but I don’t think he knows that
  19. His favourite colour is green. In fact, he’s wearing green shorts and a white tee with green graffiti on it right at this moment
  20. He is a great big brother of two brothers
  21. He has an awesome, warm and welcoming family
  22. He doesn’t drink that often, but man can that boy drink. He also handles his liquor better than anyone else I know. He’s only been hungover once in his life
  23. He has a great immune system and never gets sick. He must have eaten a lot of dirt when he was younger or something
  24. His nostrils are shaped like hearts
  25. He doesn’t admit it, but he loves kids and is really good with them. He’ll be an amazing dad one day.

I think Steve was really curious about what I wrote about him, because he suggested that we both pick two numbers to hear the facts off each others lists. In case you haven’t learned yet, Steve and I are both writing separate blogs together, however we decided that it would be more fun if we didn’t read each others. The numbers I picked were 7 and 17 off his list. I’ve never made it a goal to be my own boss, but he’s definitely right when he says I’d want to have that. Good thing I’m super approachable! Hopefully I’ll be a good boss one day. Here’s Steve blog if you want t read the rest of his list: theworldfromhiseyes


Lazy Friday Off Work

Last night Steve and I drove back to his parent’s house 2.5 hours away. He was supposed to help her with a show on Sunday. His mom has a business on the side where she bakes goodies and this Sunday she was supposed to have a table at an art show. It seems as though they didn’t end up getting a table because well procrastination comes with consequences. Steve’s mom was sick and didn’t reply back soon enough with a response that they wanted to claim a table.

Steve making cookies

That means that instead of making baked goods all day today, I got to just laze out in the sun in a hammock and chill on the couch watching the movie, Take Me Home Tonight, episodes of The Black Donnelleys and play countless hours of Hay Day on my IPad. I’ve been so busy lately helping Steve’s mom with baking last weekend, moving into a new home, driving to my parents and trying to recruit for ACN, that I’ve been yearning for a break. Weird thing is, today I got the break I wanted and it kind of drove me a little nuts. I don’t do bored really well. I Ike lazing but when I do, my body and neck cramps up and starts feeling all gross. I don’t think it helped that I just ate sandwiches all day. Steve’s mom has been sick unfortunately, so we didn’t really have dinner at the house. At least my farm in Hay Day looks wicked!


Notice of Cancelation with ACN

After further research on ACN the last few days with Steve, we’ve decided to cancel Steve IBO account. It seems as though ACN is better as a long-term investment and even so, it would be quite difficult to make a ton of money through this company. With further inspection of the compensation plan, it becomes apparent that a lot of the money does in fact come from the recruitment aspect of the market. It makes sense why the company would set it up that way, since their goal is to expand the company as soon as possible. It just makes it difficult to be successful in this business since you have to rely much on others. Not only do you have to worry about the people you are going to recruit, but you have to worry about the people they will recruit and so on until the seventh tier. I think that it’s possible to get to the seventh tier, but getting there can be extremely difficult. I say that ACN is like an investment because that’s how Steve sees it. You have to invest not only the $500+tax but also all the travel time and gas money you have to spend when you try to recruit others. Like Summer quoted from on of the big guys, when you do ACN, you are a taxi driver (by driving prospective IBOs), and after that, you teach them how to be taxi drivers.

At first it was it disappointing that Steve decided to withdraw. I would rather him not sign up at all then to have him sign up just to cancel. Not only that, but the steps to cancel your IBO account is so sketchy that it worries me that he won’t get his ones back and we’d be wasting time trying. At first, all that we found was a mailing address to Montreal. Steve also found a fax number after some painful research. I used my work’s fax machine to send out the “notice of cancellation” form to ACN. I hope that I don’t get in trouble for using it for non work related stuff. At the end of the day though, $500 is a lot to lose when you’re a student. So as long as Steve can get his money back, I’m not mad. He’s still being supportive when it comes to me doing ACN and we just decided to do it together for the time being. I’ll post an update when/ if we hear back from ACN.


*****ACN Cancellation Update*****