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Welcome to my blog!

I would like to dedicate this blog to the future me and all of my adventures to come. This blog was created not only to help my aging brain remember experiences, thoughts and feelings, but it was also created as kind of an experiment. Let me explain: (I am currently struggling to remember how the last two-three weeks panned out, which further motivates me to write. Note: I am only 22-years old and already I feel like I’m 88. Continuing literally 20 minutes later…)

For me this all started 18 days ago on April 5, 2013. Truthfully, I had been feeling down the two weeks prior to that day because I was stressing out about life, but I’ll probably get into that another day. I had just came home from a dinky 4 hour shift at work (shift work can really suck) and the first thing I did was hit the couch. My roommate had said that she was going to the mall, and since I had all afternoon and evening to kill, I decided to offer my company and the beautiful convenience of my car. Who would have thought that that would have started a spiraling frenzy of which we now call “Fun Fridays”. That day, instead of going to the mall, we drove to the university to see her newly printed moral, which we then decided to go to the next town to get her belly button pierced and drop off an old keg but after decided to stay for a beer and eat pretzels, where from then we decided to finally go to the mall but not for the original reason but instead to buy more (and better) pretzels and shop for jewelry, then to a car wash, then an art gallery, then the pub for some more drinks, where we then went home filled with laughter in agreement that it was the most fun day we’ve had in a long (or maybe ever).

This story, may not interest you or you may not understand how it relates, but to me, it was the kick starter to the beginning of my wild adventures and my ambition to succeed as an Independent Business Owner for ACN. Okay, I know I haven’t explained sh**, but Steve is getting tired of waiting for me to go to bed. Chao for now.



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