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Initiating interest

I know this intro stuff isn’t the most fun thing to read, or is it to write, however I think it is important to document if I’m going to be totally honest and document my whole experience as an independent business owner of ACN. So to continue, after the amazing first Fun Friday, I realize that good things can happen and spiral out when you jump into opportunities as they come. So the next few days later, I planned to visit my good friend, Summer. She asked me to stay the night on Friday and invited me to join her and her a family, on a “surprise” trip to Toronto and told me to pack “business casual” clothing. I must admit, I was pretty sketched out from her invite. I mean, at that time, I hadn’t seen her since my birthday in June and suddenly she had a surprise event for me? Luckily for Summer, I’m not that curious of a person and just went with it anyways. Even when Friday rolled around, ( after another fun Friday with June on the state side going jewelry shopping and eating cheese cake while having drinks), Summer still managed to keep me from asking too many questions about Saturday’s “surprise” event. Little did I know, the business meeting really did become something for me, as it was the first time i was introduced to ACN.


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