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Failed Attempt to Get First Points

It seems like the only time I get to blog now is when I’m in the car and Steve is driving me somewhere out of town. I need to get used to this writing about my life everyday in this blog, so bare with me for the time being while I get into a good groove.

Here is my update with ACN. Steve and I drove to my home town yesterday which is 2.5 hours away to get some momentum with my business by hooking up my parent’s home and business’s local and long distance phone, Internet and tv. That ended up being a total failure. My dad is old school Vietnamese and I guess he never keeps a single bill after its paid for. That means that I drove all that way to find out that my dad has no record of his account or how much he pays or any good piece of information I could use to switch him over to ACN’s services. It seems like I can save him about $70 a month in the home, but I won’t know until I can see his bills.

I’m still on the first stage of ACN as a Team Trainer (TT). That means I need 7 points (you get points by getting customers) or roughly 3 services to get to the next stage as Qualified Team Trainer (QTT). I was hoping that if I get my parent’s house hooked up, it would be easier to get others after once I’m familiar with rates and the process. I can’t hook up my own services because I rent and don’t have utilities or extra services. I also already get a special discount on my phone from my work so there is no gain in hooking up my phone. Looks like I won’t be getting my ETT bonus of $700 for getting 30 points and 2 people signed up under me and qualifies (QTT).

At least it wasn’t a total failure of a 5 hour trip since I got to drop off all my over flow of things from the move into our new home. I mean, it’s nice to get a car full of things out of the way after down grading to a room that is literally 3 times smaller – no exaggeration. I mean we could have waited to drive home instead of driving 5 hours within 24 hours, right after a 3 day move to a new home across town in between work. That’s thing about ACN, the urgency to get ETT within the first month of signing up is huge and makes you do drastic and irrational things. On the bright side, I got to see my fam jam and Steve was wonderful enough to drive me!


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