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Notice of Cancelation with ACN

After further research on ACN the last few days with Steve, we’ve decided to cancel Steve IBO account. It seems as though ACN is better as a long-term investment and even so, it would be quite difficult to make a ton of money through this company. With further inspection of the compensation plan, it becomes apparent that a lot of the money does in fact come from the recruitment aspect of the market. It makes sense why the company would set it up that way, since their goal is to expand the company as soon as possible. It just makes it difficult to be successful in this business since you have to rely much on others. Not only do you have to worry about the people you are going to recruit, but you have to worry about the people they will recruit and so on until the seventh tier. I think that it’s possible to get to the seventh tier, but getting there can be extremely difficult. I say that ACN is like an investment because that’s how Steve sees it. You have to invest not only the $500+tax but also all the travel time and gas money you have to spend when you try to recruit others. Like Summer quoted from on of the big guys, when you do ACN, you are a taxi driver (by driving prospective IBOs), and after that, you teach them how to be taxi drivers.

At first it was it disappointing that Steve decided to withdraw. I would rather him not sign up at all then to have him sign up just to cancel. Not only that, but the steps to cancel your IBO account is so sketchy that it worries me that he won’t get his ones back and we’d be wasting time trying. At first, all that we found was a mailing address to Montreal. Steve also found a fax number after some painful research. I used my work’s fax machine to send out the “notice of cancellation” form to ACN. I hope that I don’t get in trouble for using it for non work related stuff. At the end of the day though, $500 is a lot to lose when you’re a student. So as long as Steve can get his money back, I’m not mad. He’s still being supportive when it comes to me doing ACN and we just decided to do it together for the time being. I’ll post an update when/ if we hear back from ACN.


*****ACN Cancellation Update*****


3 thoughts on “Notice of Cancelation with ACN

  1. pls call me for a moment of your time for advice on how specifically i send and cancel my IBO agreement the number is 832-768-6206

  2. Did he get his money back? I’m an in a similar situation where my boyfriend signed up without really thinking of how much time it would take to actually make something. Now we are trying to cancel his IBO before the 7 day period and his recruiter still hasn’t sent us his IBO number or the cancelation form. I think I found the cancelation form which looks more like a homemade word document someone wrote up. I am still waiting to see if his recruiter will send us the form in time along with his IBO number. Apparently they charged his card for the 500+ dollars but they failed to email him any confirmations or information. Getting really worried he wont get his money back.

    • He did get his money back by check eventually minus the cost of the materials they sent him. It is strange that you didn’t get a confirmation number. Perhaps you could contact your bank and see if there is any way they can reverse the charges? You have the right to cancel your IBO account, however it may be hard to do so without an IBO number. I would definitely try your hardest to get into contact with your boyfriend’s sponsor.

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