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Lazy Friday Off Work

Last night Steve and I drove back to his parent’s house 2.5 hours away. He was supposed to help her with a show on Sunday. His mom has a business on the side where she bakes goodies and this Sunday she was supposed to have a table at an art show. It seems as though they didn’t end up getting a table because well procrastination comes with consequences. Steve’s mom was sick and didn’t reply back soon enough with a response that they wanted to claim a table.

Steve making cookies

That means that instead of making baked goods all day today, I got to just laze out in the sun in a hammock and chill on the couch watching the movie, Take Me Home Tonight, episodes of The Black Donnelleys and play countless hours of Hay Day on my IPad. I’ve been so busy lately helping Steve’s mom with baking last weekend, moving into a new home, driving to my parents and trying to recruit for ACN, that I’ve been yearning for a break. Weird thing is, today I got the break I wanted and it kind of drove me a little nuts. I don’t do bored really well. I Ike lazing but when I do, my body and neck cramps up and starts feeling all gross. I don’t think it helped that I just ate sandwiches all day. Steve’s mom has been sick unfortunately, so we didn’t really have dinner at the house. At least my farm in Hay Day looks wicked!



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