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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everybody! Steve and I have decided to make Sundays extra specials and write something linked each week. It will probably be mostly about relationships and life but we’re just going to go with the flow and see what happens. Since this is our first Sunday and we are really new at this blogging thing, we decided to introduce each other. Here are 25 facts about Steve! P.s. be sure to check out Steve’s blog linked below to learn about me!

  1. He is amazingly gifted with cooking skills. I especially love his butter chicken recipe
  2. His favourite foods are tacos and sushi
  3. He will try almost anything – he once ate a baby chicken fetus (it’s a Vietnamese etiquette)
  4. The first time Steve tried scuba diving was this year when we took an introductory course
  5. It is impossible for him to stand still when he’s talking on the phone. He literally paces back and forth like he on a mission or is desperately looking for something every time he gets a phone call
  6. If it wasn’t for me, his/our bed room would be so bare, it would look like he never settled in
  7. He has really wide feet so its hard for him to find shoes that fit properly and he en up having to wear shoes that are too big for him
  8. When he’s at home, he will often sing random lyrics he made up out loud, usually whatever’s on his mind
  9. He loves to doodle. If you look at his school notes, they will have random (and I means really random) sketches on the back
  10. He refuses to write on the front and back of pages in a binder because he’s right-handed and it annoys him to have to work around the rings
  11. His belly button is a gold mind for lint
  12. He isn’t a big fan of tattoos
  13. He likes to read, which is awesome because he just regurgitates things for me so I don’t have to read
  14. He is a second generation Canadian Italian
  15. He has the tendency to break out in laughter when he’s watching tv and movies. Seriously, he’s so loud that half the time I laugh when I watch shows is because it was triggered by him
  16. He has a lazy eye making it difficult for him to keep his eyes open when his photo is being taken. When he looks high in a photo, this is why
  17. One of his pet peeves is having long finger nails. He has to keep them very short or he’ll go mad
  18. He is a good dancer, but I don’t think he knows that
  19. His favourite colour is green. In fact, he’s wearing green shorts and a white tee with green graffiti on it right at this moment
  20. He is a great big brother of two brothers
  21. He has an awesome, warm and welcoming family
  22. He doesn’t drink that often, but man can that boy drink. He also handles his liquor better than anyone else I know. He’s only been hungover once in his life
  23. He has a great immune system and never gets sick. He must have eaten a lot of dirt when he was younger or something
  24. His nostrils are shaped like hearts
  25. He doesn’t admit it, but he loves kids and is really good with them. He’ll be an amazing dad one day.

I think Steve was really curious about what I wrote about him, because he suggested that we both pick two numbers to hear the facts off each others lists. In case you haven’t learned yet, Steve and I are both writing separate blogs together, however we decided that it would be more fun if we didn’t read each others. The numbers I picked were 7 and 17 off his list. I’ve never made it a goal to be my own boss, but he’s definitely right when he says I’d want to have that. Good thing I’m super approachable! Hopefully I’ll be a good boss one day. Here’s Steve blog if you want t read the rest of his list: theworldfromhiseyes



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