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Shower for Two?

As you may know, Steve and I have moved into a new place just six days ago (or three sleeps if you count our two trips to my parents’ house and Steve’s parents’ house). We are living in a rented room in a house with three others; Kevin, Mitch and Candice. Before we came to look at the place, we had never met our, now, roommates. Steve and I have lived in our previous house for two years. So we’re really set in our own ways of doing things. Now that we’re in someone else’s home, we’ve had to think twice about our habits.

One of the things we’ve had to consider was, “is showering as a couple weird?” I’ve lived with a couple before who showered together all the time and I never thought it was weird. But if you had two strangers who moved into your house and showered together would it be weird? Would you appreciate them asking you if it was okay or would that conversation just be too awkward? Steve and I are generally pretty private when it comes to our personal lives so we generally don’t talk about things like this openly to other people. One of the other roommates who moved out for the summer is visiting today with her boyfriend and they just had a shower together. I guess in this house, no conversation needed and, yes, the shower is open for two.



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