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ACN – Perseverance and Support System

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about ACN. Mainly because I’ve come to a halt with my progress. This is where I stand. I have zero points (meaning I haven’t sold a single service) and I haven’t recruited anyone yet (I recruited Steve but soon after her dropped out). My thoughts right now is that I’m not a good coach. I think I could be an amazing coach, however, because I don’t want to push people in any direction because of my own personal gain and because I ultimately want people to make their own decisions, I think at time I lack the supportive role. I am supportive when it comes to people’s decision-making, but not supportive in a sense where I let people “give up”. How much is it a coach’s job to drive people’s perseverance? When does it become too much?

I think I feel like I failed Steve for not pushing him because when I wanted to quit ACN before he got involved, he told me that the thought I should stay with it. That alone was enough to keep me going. I wanted to quit the second day I signed up. The reason? I explained (not show at a meeting or through any video, but explained over dinner) ACN to my best friend and she was definitely a brown apple. Brown apple is a term to describe people who do not like the idea of ACN, are negative about it, and in many cases are infective, by getting others to think the same negative thoughts. Red apples are those that are one hundred percent for the idea of ACN and green apples are those that need to think about it, do some research on it or get a second or third opinion about it. Well, my best friend, the best friend i had since we could talk, who’s opinion matters the most to me, did not like the idea whatsoever. She even told me that if I was planning on doing it that I should stop. Even when I asked if she’d just be a customer (not exactly asked if she’d be my customer but a customer in general) and she didn’t seem for that idea either. She was so negative with the idea that it really didn’t want me to continue with it. I told her that if she wasn’t going to be my partner, that I didn’t want to be part of it. Well that’s where Steve being supportive helped because even before he decided to do it, it had already felt like he’d be my partner in it all.

Being supportive and having a strong support system in ACN is so important. I literally showed ACN to ten people the first two days as an ACN independent business owner (IBO) and everyone was a red or green except the last person I showed, my best friend. Even though nine people loved the idea, the fact that one didn’t and her opinion mattered the most and she was so negative, it was easy to forget all the positive feedback. Every time I feel discouraged with the business and I talk to my Summer, my sponsor who introduced me to ACN and got me to join, I always feel fuelled again and ready to start being productive again. So one of the keys to being successful in this business is perseverance and having a great support system.

So where do I stand now three weeks into my business and one week left of my first month. I am still going to give it my all and hopefully I can get my first month bonus with 30 points and 2 Qualified Team Trainers (QTT) members.




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