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Defeating Laziness

Last night I stayed up until about 5:30 working on an essay. It was spur of the moment but I’m glad that I finally got motivated enough to write this essay I’ve been procrastinating for over a year to write. Why last night? Well you see, I had three days off this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and I had plans to actively do some ACN work. I’ve been so busy lately that I fell off the ACN train tracks and my mind has wandered off on a different brain wave. You see, I was not living and breathing ACN like I was the first ten days I started. Heck, after the first 2 days alone I had shown 10 people the business with a good number of them actually interested in it. I got busy and distracted with moving into a new home and so much travelling, roughly 13-14 hours in one week visiting our parents and going to ACN meetings out-of-town, all in addition to my regular work week. It makes sense that after the week we just needed a break from ACN for a bit. The issue is, we took too long of a break or were too drained from all the travelling and moving that it resulted in Steve quitting and myself stuck at a red light.

With the one month sign up bonuses on my mind and roughly two weeks left of it, I wanted to get back into ACN and get my thirty points in services and two QTT members on my team. The issue is, I had planned to spend the three days doing ACN but I hadn’t actually plan the days at all. What I needed was a solid game plan. Without a game plan, I kept pushing aside my plans of getting customer points. You see, I had to go grocery shopping and buy a new shoe rack and cook dinner and see a friend and when I saw the friend I wanted to present the business to, there wasn’t a good time to show her and ACN basically got pushed to the side. Luckily I received a phone call the day that i went back to my old house from one of the people in my up-line (an IBO who recruited my sponsor who recruited me or the person who recruited them and someone further down the chain). I was thinking of chickening out with showing him the business and after that phone call I actually committed to showing him. I’m glad I did too because his response was very positive and I think he could be a really reliable customer.

So without a game plan and with the lack of motivation (probably a result of missing meetings the last two weeks), I ended up getting no where the last three days. I didn’t recruit a single person, nor did I hook any up with any of my services. This leads me back to my original question of what was so special about last night and why I spent the wee hours of the night writing an essay. Well when it hit 2 a.m. on the clocks last night, after I watched two episodes of Dexter (season seven, episodes seven and eight), I started feeling really, really sad. I was feeling so low, I was starting to tear (probably has a lot to do with my hormones going all whack from… well, being a girl and it being that time of month). I felt slightly depressed because I felt like a failure for not being able to achieve anything on my days off. I felt lazy and let down with myself and oh, do I ever hate dislike the feeling of disappointment. So when I crawled into bed, I was feeling so disappointed with myself that I just had to get up and do something.

One of the things I wanted to do with my three days off was write this essay I’ve been putting off for a year. So that’s when I got up and grabbed my laptop and started writing. That writer’s block I had three months ago was finally lifted and I just started writing. It probably helped substantially that I’ve been practicing my writing skills while blogging on here. Blogging has helped me to overcome the initial barrier of starting a piece of writing. I really struggled with the first few blogs I wrote in here, but now I don’t even think twice about it, I just write. So here’s to overcoming laziness and random fears. Here’s to actually getting off your bum and tackling something that’s been a weight on your shoulders for a long time. Here’s to me defeating what was a barrier to what could be one of the major decisions I make in my life. Now it’s time to celebrate with a nice cold beer!

My advice to someone that’s feeling really down and lazy, get motivated in any way possible and just get off your butt and just do it. And if you can’t do that, then at least do something that you’ve been putting off for a while. It will make you feel great!


One thought on “Defeating Laziness

  1. Keep posting please – maybe you don’t have a visitor counter on your website to tell you how many people have read your ACN blog posts and made more informed choices based on it. I did sign up for ACN, but sent in my cancellation notice within a week because after evaluating my options, I realized that while the system works for some, trying to do this while being financially “thin” at the moment, and juggling two retail businesses, would not work for me.

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